Music Power Up

Hotel Westin 15. listopada 2019. 12:15 - 12:30

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Jan Šokčević, Croatia

„Riječki dečki“ is a music band consisting of students of Centre for Autism in Rijeka, Croatia.

They started singing and playing music with a little help of their teacher Sanja Barić, wanting to have fun and break the prejudice saying that persons with autism live in their own world, do not want to interact with others and that they can not be successful. The truth is that sometimes they are bothered by loud sounds, new spaces, new people, and various stimuli but these boys prove that hard work and persistence erase all the obstacles and enable reaching a small piece of happiness for ourselves.

They have performed at many concerts and music manifestations in Croatia and abroad, as well as played for the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Mayor of the City of Rijeka.

At the music studio of the Croatian singer Damir Urban and his bend, ”Riječki dečki” recorded the song ”Priđi mi bliže”. Their choice of music is very wide, but they are happiest when singing and playing songs from their great friend and colleague Damir Urban.