Bart Noe, Belgium



Bart Noe is a civil engineer working in the AAC field since 1987. As a founder of the company of Jabbla he has built up a lot of experience in the development of the dedicated AAC devices. Jabbla company develops both hardware and software solutions for people with communication disabilities. The European context of Jabbla’s activities has resulted in a range of multilingual solutions supporting both graphical and textual input.


Oct 16th 2019.
  12:30 - 12:45 p.m.    

Product Demo Jabbla: VIBE

About session

In this demonstration you will learn more about Vibe, a communication tool for active users. You will be shown how its practical size makes this lightweight device a highly portable communication aid. With an integrated display both at front and at the back, we can speak of a unique device in the field of augmentative communication. You will also learn why Vibe is an excellent platform for modern communication page sets such as PODD and SCORE.