Belinda Bukari, Ghana

Ghana Education Service


Belinda Bukari is the National Coordinator for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Ghana Education Service, Special Education Division, Headquarters, Accra, Ghana. She has been a classroomand resource teacher and an advocate for students with special educational needs. Belinda has a B.ED in Special Education and a Master of Science in Disability, Rehabilitation, and Development Studies, and received the 2010 Bridge School Teacher-in-Residence Award.


Oct 16th 2019.
  12:45 - 1:00 p.m.    

ATAAC Fellowship: Growing AAC in Africa

About session

This presentation will focus on:

  • Step-by-step description of how locally available materials were used to develop and use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Market cards for students with communicationdifficulties in Units for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled in mainstream schools across Ghana.
  • How we have utilized Curriculum Name Labels for Literacy and Numeracy activities like spelling, reading, writing, counting, etc.
  • Highlights on Ghana’s implementation of inclusive education and therole of assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication in the management of students with special educational needs in an inclusive classroom.
  • Additional strategies/ways to support communication for students in an inclusive classroom.