Charlie Danger

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Charlie Danger is an advanced practitioner and consultant occupational therapist in the UK. He has over 23 years of experience in finding ways technology can bring opportunities for children and adults with a wide range of skills and needs. Most of Charlie's work focusses on supporting individuals with complex physical and communication difficulties who stand to gain the most through innovative and carefully considered AT solutions. Charlie is a RESNA-certified ATP and has a Master’s degree in children’s communication impairments.


  Sep 29th 2022.
  9:15 - 10:30 a.m.    

Better Living Through Technology: A Practical Guide to ParticipATion

About session

Nobody can overemphasize the potential impact of assistive technology and augmentative communication on the lives of people with disabilities.

But helping individuals to find the best tech solutions for their needs can be a very challenging endeavour. Simple requests often hide many layers of complexity that not only relate to a person’s physical, cognitive, and sensory skills, and the intricacy of their goals, but also to facilitators and barriers created by their environment and to personal factors such as culture and beliefs.

Individuals with complex physical disabilities present the additional challenges involved in identifying the optimum access methods for their technology. How do we know we’ve found the most effective human technology interface solutions from all of the available options?

In this lecture Charlie shares practical advice and technical tips built up over 23 years of solving these problems. This includes assessment approaches for switches and eye-gaze, while considering innovative solutions and access methods as diverse as voice, head-pointing and the promise of brain control interfaces.