Chris McDonald



Picseepal was originally developed in response to the need for a low-cost, durable AAC solution, which increased communication access for children with autism and developmental disabilities in Australia, the Pacific and Cambodia.

With 20 years of special education experience - PicSeePal was developed by a creative team that put user experience first and kept accessibility in mind.

Raising the profile of complex communication needs is our passion and purpose.


  Sep 29th 2022.
  3:45 - 4:00 p.m.    

Turn Your High-Tech into Light-Tech

About session

In this presentation, we will share:

  • Why multi-modal AAC is essential
  • How light-tech AAC can compliment high-tech AAC
  • When light-tech AAC solutions save the day/night
  • Where light-tech is already ensuring access
  • Who PicSeePal think they are....