Emily Strom, USA

Tobii Dynavox


Emily Strom received her undergraduate degree in general education, Master’s degree in special education, and learning behavior specialist certificate from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She taught special education working with school-age students with a range of disabilities across varied school settings. Before becoming a Global Product Manager at Tobii Dynavox, Emily was Curriculum and Content Writer for Boardmaker Instructional Solutions.


Oct 16th 2019.
  4:00 - 4:45 p.m.    

Session: Autism Spectrum Disorder

About session

Autism session is intented for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder as well as experts working with children with ASD. Royden James, Emily Strom, and Kaveh Vefagh, experts from Tobii Dynavox, will be answering your questions about early intervention for children with ASD, the importance of including experts of different profiles in the process of eduaction and rehabilitation, and what to do when children with ASD become adults with ASD.