Hadar Zeltzer Fallah

Dagesh Assistive Technology


Hadar Zeltzer Fallah VP, Professional Services, Dagesh Assistive Technology Israel.

In 2007 Hadar joined the Ministry of Education, co-leading the AT team as an AT specialist until 2017, developed new tools for better assessment of students and the implementation of AT, helping them to achieve their academic goals.

From 2011 to July 2016, Hadar served as the chairperson of ISAAC Israel, introducing AAC assistive technology into the Ministry of Health’s basket of services, together with a coalition of six non-profit organizations.


  Sep 30th 2022.
  10:30 - 11:00 a.m.    

IN ACTION methodology - "8-steps way" & "Triangle of Accessibility"

About session

It has been known for many years that achieving successful technology access for an individual with special needs is not a one-person job. We have to make a team effort.

In this session, I will share our knowledge as assistive technology specialists, presenting the "8-steps way" and the "Triangle of Accessibility".

Participants will be not only listeners in this class, as they will take an active part implementing the methodology, analyzing and resolving from their own experience 4 cases that we’ll present. The 4 cases include children and adults and will be accompanied by short videos and pictures we can all learn from.