Idalie Fernandez

Tobii Dynavox


Idalie, originally an advertising and media professional from New York, joined Tobii Dynavox three years ago to help build AAC ecosystems in emerging AAC countries. Prior to starting with Tobii Dynavox, Idalie worked at a technology company in Stockholm for five years, followed by an NGO that fosters positive youth development. Idalie is passionate about empowering people to achieve independence and giving them a voice.


  Sep 29th 2022.
  11:30 - 11:45 a.m.    

Eye Gaze Play with Purpose

About session

EyeFX 2 is a new and complete eye gaze assessment tool, developed by our partner, Sensory Guru, and supported within the Tobii Dynavox ecosystem. EyeFX 2 makes teaching and learning eye gaze skills fun. There are clear levels and goals that enable data-driven therapeutic decisions, guiding assessments to further the eye gaze learner's skill development – all in a no-fail, fun environment. Use beloved PCS® symbols and screen shots of familiar images and scenes to increase motivation, be in a familiar language ecosystem, and optimize the eye gaze learning experience.