Siobhán Long

Enable Ireland


Siobhán has worked in the field of Assistive Technology since 1991. Siobhán’s current role involves management of Enable Ireland's National Assistive Technology Training and SeatTech Services.

In 2016, Siobhán forged a partnership with the Disability Federation of Ireland, resulting in the publication of Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities and Older People: A Discussion Paper. This partnership is now called FreedomTech. Since then she has been working intensively on an advocacy and lobbying programme, to promote the adoption of the recommendations contained in the Discussion Paper. Chief among these are the establishment of a national AT Passport, to address the significant gaps in service provision as AT users transition through life.


  Sep 30th 2022.
  4:15 - 4:30 p.m.    

Innovation and Inclusive Practice: Emerging Models of Service Delivery and Support Post-Pandemic

About session

The pandemic demand for isolation led Enable Ireland, in partnership with Microsoft, to establish a Virtual Service (using Microsoft Teams) to enable adults who use our services nationally to continue to be supported during difficult times. This Virtual Service has transformed the nature of our services, enabling the employment of many Service Owners in paid roles where they now co-create online services with their colleagues across local centres. Much learning has taken place, supported by considerable investment through a range of grant streams. As we emerge from the pandemic, we continue to evolve the service design in response to identified needs. Equity, self-esteem, financial independence and a marked increase in self advocacy capacity are all hallmarks of the emergent learning from this project. We are keen to share our experience and learn from others who have innovated during what was an extraordinary period, globally.