Each conference day the attendees will have a chance to participate in workshops in a 60-minute workshop period. A number of closed type workshops will be held at the same time so everyone will be able to choose according to their interests. The number of participants is limited so we would advise you to apply on time for the preferred workshop.

ATAAC 2019 Workshops

Oct 15th 2019

CSS MicroSystems & Inclusive Technology: AMAneo – enabling access

Join us to gain an overview and understanding of the AMAneo Assistive Mouse Adaptors. These innovative devices enable access to iOS and Windows, providing the end user with greater control of the mouse functions. Learn about the anti-tremor filter, assistive interaction, specialist mice and more... We will demonstrate the current range of options and introduce some impressive ‘world first’ new features!The workshop will be held by Christoph Jo. Müller from CSS MicroSystems.

Oct 16th 2019

IRISBOND: Unleash the potential of current and future eye tracking

During this workshop, participants will understand the main principles that enable a successful performance of eye tracking technology.Also, IrisBond team will help you learn how to overcome 3 of the most diverse difficulties when using eye tracking technology: use with glasses, head movement andvarious lighting conditions. All that, while discovering the latest trends of future eye tracking!The workshop will be held by Eduardo Jauregui, the CEO of IRISBOND.

Jabbla: Mind Express: More Independence For Greater Confidence

Mind Express communication software makes life a lot easier for children, young people and adults who can't speak and you will have a chance to learn more about it during this workshop!With Mind Express, you can communicate at the existing language level, but it also stimulates further language development. Speech therapists and universities are already conducting a great deal of research in the field of language development. Through close collaboration, Jabbla is uniquely positioned to digitally shape the latest ground-breaking strategies into ready-to-use Mind Express page sets such as Amego, PODD and SCORE.Depending on the needs and the (communication) computer Mind Express has been installed on, the possibilities are more extensive than face-to-face communication and games. Just think of sending/receiving text messages, calling, emailing, social media (WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, etc.) or even connecting to devices (home automation applications) such as turning on the television, opening the door, switching on the lights, etc. All that and more will be seen during this workshop, held by Bart Noe, the CEO of Jabbla.

Oct 17th 2019

PRC-Saltillo: Making AAC Functional in the Classroom and Beyond

This 45-minute workshop will focus on language development and access options in AAC. These two areas are critically important in selection and implementation of a child’s AAC system. We’ll start the session by describing and demonstrating two primary ways of teaching AAC within classroom activities - first, with a focus on phrases which build interaction and communication; second, with a focus on core vocabulary which builds language. Next, we’ll explore the different accommodations that we can make for children and adults to access an AAC system – including keyguards, switches, and headpointing. Sarah Wilds, a speech-language pathologist and VP of Product & Service Development at PRC-Saltillo will present together with Ruzica Magusic, a speech-language pathologist/ AAC practitioner, and the creator of Croatian AAC vocabularies.